Figurative Art Female

Most of the figurative artists experience that the beauty is beyond the figure of a model. This leads an artist to infuse his or her ideas of beauty to ascribe to the model first; and then to paint the same on a canvas. This is the reason why the eyes of viewers looking at that painting would find something ‘body plus' in it. A figurative painting is not the photocopy of a model that had been before the artist while he put the colours on canvas. The artists add the element of beauty through the artistic endeavours.

Painting Clothless Women

It was the period where I was uncertain about the way I would travel on and the manner I would conduct my life. Nor I had thought about being an artist, when I was running in my rough twenties. But one thing was certain I liked the figurative paintings most. I liked to look at the sensual skin painted by Raphael and Renoir. But my favourite was William Bouguereau; I was wondering about the impossibility of painting such photo-realistic paintings of cloth-less women.
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